Programming Thoughts from a Newbie

Since I moved to Code-mania (CA) to start my graduate education, I was shocked and also amazed by how many people can code and program in CA. For a person who came from a business background and is not tech savvy, this transfer can be hard at the starting point. Though I have experienced some formal education from university, most of the basic programming skills were self-taught through online tutorials. So here I want to introduce some useful concepts and resource for those beginners.

Programming Concepts

I have learnt Python mainly by myself through online tutorials. Sometimes learning from online tutorials always give you the same stuff: data type, indexing, and using libraries. Most of the time when you need to write your own functions or methods, understanding some useful libraries will get you some help but you still need to understand the big picture. Per my experience, I think programming language, in general, have 3 major components you need to understand: Value assignment, Logic, and Loops(or sometime called iterations).

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Data Transform using pandas library in Python

“Over half of the time, analysts are trying to import/cleaning the data.”

— By numerous John/Jane Does of data analysts

Data these days can be flown in from various sources: web, database, local files, user input, etc. Analysts now often have to work with various format of data input, in order to make them compatible with each other for analysis. Though sometimes considered to be a data engineer’s work, data preparation is still an essential skills for all data analysts, especially those who work in small to medium size firms (as I am doing now).

I am going to introduce data reading/manipulation with pandas library in Python 3. I have recently worked extensively with pandas in Python 3 and started realized the powerful component in the library. In this post, I will the one I used most frequently, groupby() with pandas.

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